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Founder and Owner

"Let the facts tell the story."

With a background in investigative journalism and documentary films, TC's services include media production, communications consultancy and due diligence checks.

Operating across Asia for two decades, TC has developed a regional network of trusted collaborators. He is capable of heading complex cross-border projects.


His documentaries have won multiple awards and led to consultancy engagements in various sectors. 

Keylight Lab is a platform that distills these experiences to service a range of projects

Navigating the evolving information landscape, TC continues to apply the basics of journalism - to listen, discern and contextualise. He aspires for his work to seed positive change. 

TC enjoys exploring the great outdoors and keeps a little black book of everyone who misspells his name. But all is forgiven if you buy him coffee.

If you believe in applying journalistic values and storytelling skill sets to your project, he'd love to hear from you. 

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