Founder and Owner

"Let the facts tell the story."

With a background in investigative journalism, TC produces factual content and provides training and consultancy.

Operating across Asia for two decades, he has developed a regional network of trusted collaborators and is capable of heading complex cross-border productions.

His award-winning documentaries have led to professional consultancy engagements in different sectors.

Keylight Lab is a unique platform that distills his experiences to service a range of projects, including content production, media consultancy, fact-finding and due diligence research. 

Navigating the evolving information landscape, he continues to apply the basics of journalism - to listen, discern and contextualise. 

TC aspires for his work to seed positive change. He's currently researching ways to tackle online misinformation using a mix of digital tools and good ol' shoe-leather journalism. 

He enjoys exploring the great outdoors and keeps a little black book of everyone who misspells his name. 

If you believe in applying journalistic values and skill sets to your project, he'd love to hear from you.

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